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jaimekim illustration

Around the Table That Grandad Built

(Candlewick Press, Sep.10.2019)

Written by  Melanie Heuiser Hill

A beautifully illustrated celebration of bounty and gratitude, family and friendship, perfect for the holidays and every day. 

This is the table that Grandad built.
These are the sunflowers picked by my cousins,
set on the table that Grandad built.

In a unique take on the cumulative classic “This Is the House That Jack Built,” a family gathers with friends and neighbors to share a meal around a table that brims with associations: napkins sewn by Mom, glasses from Mom and Dad’s wedding, silverware gifted to Dad by his grandma long ago. Not to mention the squash from the garden, the bread baked by Gran, and the pies made by the young narrator (with a little help). Serving up a diverse array of dishes and faces, this warm and welcoming story is poised to become a savored part of Thanksgiving traditions to come.

A warm and welcoming table.


This cumulative tale does a great job of showing how a feast—Thanksgiving or otherwise—is about building family.


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