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I Am a Bird 

Atheneum, May.1.2018

Written by Dana Walrath

Celebrate the bonds between fathers, sons, and nature with this lovely, sun-drenched debut picture book.

I am a bird. I glide
into arms open wide.
I’m the hands that hold
and the eyes that shine…
when it’s you
and it’s me
and the sea.

A boy and his father spend their day at the beach, exploring the shore, the sand, the water, and everything in between. The result is a warm, elegant celebration of nature, connection, and the myriad relationships formed all around us.

Kim certainly manages to convey both the delight the pair finds in each other's company and the child's exuberance. . . . Imaginative children could take this idea far; so could teachers covering homonyms and metaphors.

Kirkus Review

 Kim  uses dynamic swashes of paint for shadows, waves, and clouds. 

Publishers Weekly

Kim’s warm-hued watercolor illustrations show the child running free on the shore, holding a checked picnic blanket that spreads out behind him like wings. In the foreground, seagulls soar 

School Library Journal

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