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Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast

My works featured on the blog "Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast"

Jaime is a student at the Maryland Institute College of Art, is originally from South Korea, and has lived in the U.S. since the age of 18.

She tells us more about herself below, too, so let’s get right to it, and I thank her for visiting.

Jaime: There once was a little girl who could not sleep very well, because she was afraid of the dark. Then, one day her fear went away after she received a complete collection of picture books as a gift from her parents. Her fear went away when her mother read a picture book to her, and she could sleep easily at night.

This is a story of my childhood, and this is how picture books first became part of my life.

Reading or making picture books is a kind of meditation for me; I feel relaxed when I do so.

I am majoring in Illustration at Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA). MICA has such a big illustration department that every semester I feel excited about choosing my classes. Among them, Shadra Strickland’s Book Illustration and Advanced Book Illustration courses have convinced me that children’s book illustration is my future field.

I love to make whimsical and dreamy illustrations, and acrylic paint is one of the best materials for me to convey those kinds of moods. Most of my works are created with mixed media, and I always re-touch texture and color through Photoshop. Sometimes I make all the layers separately in a traditional way, then scan and combine them in Photoshop, one by one. That process takes a long time but helps me to make better colors.

I am thinking about making a series of illustrations based on children’s poems for my BFA thesis. It was my first poem illustration (image above) which won me the Society of Children’s Book Writer and Illustrator (SCBWI) student scholarship. Poems are a great source of inspiration for me to create whimsical images. I always feel excited to making an imaginary landscape or dreamy mood, based on poems.

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